Ambala witnessed 76 child abuse cases in 2018

Alarming rise in crimes, especially cases of child abuse, were witnessed in Ambala during passed year 2018 when over 76 cases were registered by the police at various police stations during the year under child abuse Act including rapes and gang rapes of children below the age 10, sides as many as 51 cases of adult rapes, gang rapes reported during the year.

According to a recent Notification by the government in the centre, reforms in child abuse Act have been made in which an accused involved in the rape of a child up to age 12 would be liable for death sentence by the court, an accuse of raping a minor female of age up to the age 16 would be liable for 20 years imprisonment by the court.

Now question arises up top what extent police as well a judiciary would be able to follow implementation of this Notification as regard reforms in law and provide justice to minor rape victims.

According to State Crime Bureau report and chief minister governance record alarming rise in crimes against women, especially rapes and gang rapes of minors have been recoded in past one year in Haryana state registered more than 2200 rape cases in different police stations in the state in six months from April to September in 2018, which includes 1320 cases of sexually molestation of children.

During a survey, it was observed that children as young as five years age were subjected to sexual abuse by family members, , school seniors, neighbours and even teachers. Type of abuse ranged from kissing, fondling, stripping, touching sexual organs and sex molestation by the opposite sex.

Paramjit Singh Wadola former member of State Child Protection Commission told that the tenure of six members of Commission in the state   have already expired and state government should appoint new members at an early enabling effective implementation of reformed Act and provide justice to victims involved in child abuse.

Ambala police revealed that record numbers of criminal activities were reported during the year 2018, which included 34 sensational murders, five robberies and 115 snatching cases in the town in 2018.

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