Canada’s Acadian Seaplants eyes India for farming biostimulants

Acadian Seaplants Limited (ASL), a Canada-based global leader in processing and manufacturing seaweed agricultural products, is in expansion phase in the Indian market. ASL has established its own subsidiary company – a new facility for processing its proven biostimulants powered by the Acadian BioSwitch technology and its own distribution network, according to Jean-Paul Deveau, President and Chief Executive Officer, ASL.

Since setting up ASL 37 years ago with its products currently being exported to over 80 countries globally, Acadian Seaplants – as a major step in its geographical expansion – has established a subsidiary company in India called Acadian Seaplants India Private Limited, Deveau told this correspondent here recently, adding that the Indian subsidiary is looking at meeting the growing demand for quality, natural biostimulants and bionutritional products that increase crop yield, quality and farmers’ return on investment  in a sustainable way.

He said the Nova Scotia-based company has opened a processing facility in collaboration with Standard Pesticides at Vadodara, Gujarat for supplying farmers across India through ASL’s own exclusive provincial distribution network, while also laying the foundation for its long-term strategy in reflecting its commitment for developing pure, natural biostimulants for the Indian market.

“Rapid economic growth and increasing population is demanding more from the farms than ever before in terms of quantity, quality, safety, health and nutrition, which has resulted in intensive agricultural practices. There is an ever-pressing need and demand for agricultural products that are safe for the environment. On the other hand, we are facing depleted spoil conditions and adverse impact of climate change, which are multiplying the challenges in agriculture. It has become imperative to grow more food while using environmentally-sustainable technologies,” Deveau noted.

He said “For the last 36 years, we have been listening to the challenges that farmers are facing in growing their crops. A key differentiating factor of our Arcadian BioSwith technology is that it has a strong foundation of research and science that is supported by researchers worldwide as a proven technology that works where it matters most – in the field.”

APH’s agricultural products include Stimplex, Toggle Plus, PromOcean, AscoMax and SoliGro GR – all powered by the unique Acadian BioSwitch technology – that optimize plant performance from seed to harvest by improving plant establishment, nutrition and stress management, besides being used as soil and foliar inputs on over 70 crops in more than 80 countries.

Ken MacDonald, Vice-President, Global Sales, Acadian Plant Health, said that Acadian products are a big boon for the Indian agricultural community and would support the Indian government’s initiatives of doubling farmers income by 2022 while improving soil health sustainably.

Acadian Plant health (APH), the agricultural division of Acadian Seaplants Limited, is the world leader in biostimulant and bionutritional solutions derived from Ascophyllum nodosum, which is scientifically proven to increase crop yields and return on farmers’ investment.

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