Delhi Airport most inaccessible in the country

It refers to report prepared by School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi endorsing Delhi Airport being the most inaccessible airport in the country. This is despite the fact that Delhi has facility of a comfortable metro-ride in Airport Metro Express at very economical rates. Central and state governments should take long and short term measures to decongest city-traffic to reduce travel-time connecting Delhi Airport with various parts of the capital city of India.

It may be recalled that Prime Minister once himself made a token metro-ride by riding Airport Express metro perhaps in a bid to guide others in government for taking advantage of metro for reaching to the airport. It should be made compulsory for all in central and state governments including public-sector-undertakings to reach and come-back airport compulsorily through Airport Metro Express only in case they are boarding from or coming back to Terminal-3 of Delhi Airport, because Terminal-3 is directly connected with route of Airport Metro Express. However it should be ensured that air-travellers at government-expense may not send government-vehicles for luggage. However President, Vice President, Prime Minister and foreign guests may be exempted from such rule. If required, one coach or more can be reserved in Airport Metro Express for those travelling at government-expense.

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation-DMRC should take immediate steps to fast bring Terminal-1 of Delhi Airport also in route of Airport Metro Express so that more and more air-travellers may use Airport Metro Express. Presently all domestic flights except of Air India and Jet Airways operate only from Terminal-1 of Delhi Airport. Till DMRC is able to connect Terminal-1 of Delhi Airport with metro-route, some approach-road should be built to connect Terminal-1 and Terminal-3 of Delhi Airport without any need to approach city-roads for vehicles ferrying passengers between the two terminals.

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