Manmohan Singh saved country from recession: AICC

Former Prime Minister Minister Manmohan Singh saved the country when entire World was passing through financial recession, while talking to media persons, General Secretary All India Congress Committee (AICC) Chitra Sarwara strongly condemned BJP leaders made remarks on former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh an accidental Prime Minister.

She said, before making comments on others such leaders should look at themselves. She said, Manmohan Singh played important role for the prosperity of country when he was Prime Minister and his performance cannot be ignored reminding old time when India was only county away from financial recession at the time when entire world was facing the heat of financial recession only due to Manmohan Singh.

Sarwar said that welfare of he country was prime mission before then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh when decision for Nuclear Deal was to be taken and all political parties in opposition as well as political parties in alliance with Congress opposed the same, even threatened to topple the government but then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh without bothering such threatens and the chair signed in favour of Nuclear Deal as such the country heading towards progress even today.

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