The Financial World, an arm of Alchemist Media Ltd, is a weekly broadsheet newspaper that mainly covers news and views on economy, corporate world and politics.

This 12-page weekly has a strong team of journalists to cover national and global news in business, finance, politics, science, technology, arts and entertainment. We also subscribe to several news agencies to make sure that it does not miss anything important on the earth,

Besides providing information, we aim to make India and its citizens wealthy and prosperous by helping them in taking right investment decisions with its focused and in depth coverage on various sectors of the economy and markets.

The Financial World has two editions. While Chandigarh edition of the newspaper is coming out since 2001, the Delhi edition is being published since 2011.

Printed and Published by Swinder Bajwa, this newspaper is edited by Abdul Wasey.

Majority of the subscribers of this niche product are corporate players, policymakers, trendsetters and traders. However, the newspaper has created its space among general readers too because of its easy-to-understand format and exclusive news reports.

As a weekly, which is already popular in business and political circles, The Financial World believes in free market and egalitarian society and is working accordingly for the cause.

The Financial World

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